Monday, July 20, 2015

Raya (i)

I'm attempting to impress my little cousin, Zarif. 

"Cantiknya baju zarif"

"Meme ah" 


And then after i slightly succeeded to win his attention, he just couldnt stop talking. With limited language acquisition of mine, i had a hurdle to keep the conversation going and win his heart. Haha. But things get better by time. 

"Rumah zarif banjir marin kakya tau dok"

"Kakya tau je. Banyak ke air naik rumah?"

"Sekat dada zarif. Kalu papa bawoh sikit lutut. Tapi mainan zarif ado keno selut. Ado yang mama doh susuk habih mugo takut air naik tinggi"

"Hah yelah. Tapi mama ngandung ko zahra kan. Zarif kenapa tak tolong mama"

"Eh kakya panda kecek ko dok ni. Bakpo lah tok panda. Huk aloh kakya" 


He never failed to make me go -.- after i conversed with him. And the ultimate one;

"Zarif banyaknya makan. Sedap kan nenek punya soto" 

"Kakya make lagi banyok. Dari sakni tok sudoh lagi" 


Selamat hari raya! 
I had fun celebrating raya in Kelantan after 2 years havent got the chance to visit my lovely land. Now im on my way back to Johor. And oh, before it slipped away from my mind, after getting countless question of when will i be getting married from the relatives, i came to a conclusion that the added point to fit into the family is the future mine has to be from pantai timur background. It's better. And yeah, do prepare for the worst. Haha. 

Have a safe trip รต dear self! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

good bye

I bid my farewell
Thank you for witnessing my struggles
Thank you for the silence that always bringing me hope
Thank you for the parched land that always quenching the thirst
Thank you for letting me to meet all the wonderful people
Thank you. 

For now,
Let me proceed with the next phase of life. 

Till then, Jordan. 
You are such a memory :) 

Nadiyah Syahira
3rd July 2015