Saturday, August 15, 2015


I have no vivid memories of what were actually happening throughout the year. I cant grip any solid remains of it. Every moment that I tried to capture and clasp it properly, slipped away effortlessly from me. All that I know now, when I palm my phone tonight, it is 16th August again. It is not the time that flies, it is me who flew all the way from the cage of the past, the box of the old days. 

For every eventful reminisce, 
For every regretful regain, 
I thank Allah for letting me to experience this life, 
Which I dont know for how long it will last. 
So just, 
Cherishing life, as it is :) 

Ah well. For whatever poetic lines I'm trying to inscribe here, still couldn't depict the actual picture of what my mind is thinking about. 

Happy 22nd Birthday Nadiyah Syahira, 
I, still, love you :) 

Does it ever drive you crazy,
Just how fast the night changes.  

Monday, August 10, 2015