Friday, May 20, 2016

Hows life?

Hey there. How are you? 

Writing on the bus ride bound to JB. Overwhelmed by lots of thought that in dire need for a channel to splurt it out. 

Life's good. 
Not really. 
But it is good anyway. 

I'm currently in my final exam season. I'm not sure how to word this out, but I was weirdly melancholic during this period of time. I study, I revise, I write, I practise, but there's unreachable voice inside of me that always trying to tell me that I have some shackles down there to settle. Something I couldnt fathom.  

Life's fair. 
Indeed it is. 

Once I stepped in into this Masters level, my prolong wonder is where exactly I'm heading to? In my secret whisper, in my unspoken utter, I asked God. Where are you heading me to? Is this the path that You paved for me to trudge it through? 

Life's hard
No one denies 

Arriving at this checkpoint of life, seeing it in the hindsight, God granted me so much, even what I never imagine having. Securing the privilege for the ISRA Shariah Scholarship Award, a bestow that I never think I can fit into the qualities. The interview was a tough moment I had to surpass, however relieving. Alhamdulillah. 

Studying has got the better out of me. Crumbled into the pressure of having to know everything in concern, with personal limitation, however within the boundary of my own capacity. Silent cries and loud heart shrieks, depositing my frustration to Him, the all-Knowing, on my limited ability as a human, on my parametres of patience when things went wrong, on my devastation when things got puzzled and wired here and there that I couldnt joint them altogether accordingly.

Life's full with subtly glorious colours and pattern
Lets paint it more with stripes and polka dots. 

Ps: still have 3 papers left anyway T.T 

Here, Dr Daud signed on the book I bought :)  

Till then loves.