Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Skytrex honeymoon

Approximately last two weeks, it was public holiday commemorating the Malaysia Day. So in anticipation to that, we (initially comprising of me and Jannah only) planned to venture into something we rarely do other than eating and talking and and and. Primarily it was a plan of weekend getaway, questing for the calm breeze of unpoluted air somewhere in Port Dickson. But we decided to forgo that plan because it was too last minute for us. Plus, both of us are dread of driving. We just dont wanna do roads. Haha. Still, planning for outdoor activities is a must, want to drench some sweat and have some fresh oxygen.  

So there we were. Skytrex in Taman Botani Shah Alam. Mind you it was just less than 10 minutes driving from Jannah's house so it was unbelievably smart idea I'd say. The priority was no long driving hours involved. 

Guess we could say we got what we searched for. On top of managed to satisfy the preliminary objective of getting drenched in sweat and breathing the fresh air, we also bring back to home the backache and swollen wrist as the result of exerting extra pressure on the wrong part of hand during the flyingfox adventure. 

We laughed a lot and happily shouting to each other in that jungle. Oh did I mention Afza also joined us, so she was kinda thirdwheeling us whose plan is to name this outing as a honeymoon. Haha sorry Afza :p 

Actually. This post is dedicated to Jannah. Here's some words I wouldnt be able to verbalize because of the speechlessness we had today.  

This phase of life is strangely new to you, the kind of emotion you have to weather would not be as silky smooth and stable. Like I said, you'll experience series of accidentally bursting into an honest tears that you started questining yourself; am I demonstrating a very weak person for crying this much, or am I pictured as an extremely pathetic person of planting my feet on this depressional and frustrational ground for too long, or am I too attached that I nearly couldnt get a grip of myself?

Just remember the clicker that we used during our skytrex ventures. Remember how it should be clicked and unclicked on the right panel so many times everytime we are about to embark the new adventure. Thats how life's treated. It's all about clicking and unclicking. Know when to patch yourself, and know when to detach from something that we really need to do, regardless how attracted we were of the previous phase; both are aimed for one dart- to shift from one step to another, which surely brings us to the happy end when we know that we are going to have our meatball binge after we completed the 18 "trials" of skytrex :D 

And remember. 
If Allah can flourish the feeling inside of you, then He has all the power to unroot it. There will abundant of moments that you'd say you're ok to comfort yourself and to others asking, but when you delve deep into yourself, you know how a wrecked ship you are. Don't worry, treasure the hurt. 

Things will get mellower.
The hurt will subside eventually that only time could answer. 

May fate fares us better 
Just remember the date of today, 
Thats how you count your milestones :) 

Your always honeymoon date,
nadiyah xx