Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First step

The first step is always the hardest. But once you capture the pace, you own the rhythm. 

The first step is always confusing. Either you do it for the sake of people, yourself or for Allah. But once you start to stride upon the path, the puzzled intention will eventually be shown. 

The first step is always tiring. Hesitance is blurring the actual image of standing up straight and move on. But once you triumph over the reluctancy, you'll be more than blessed for not even declining your initial will. 

The first step, is always doubtable. Will you ever go far, or how far will you persist towards a place you've been dreaming for all this time? How to wend the journey after the first step has been taken? 

All those uncertainties are completely mystifying. You're puzzled. Bewildered. 

Only then a cue pops out, 
No matter what, 

If the first step is not taken, 
Wont even going anywhere

Near or far,
You wont.


A baby's smile and giggle when finally able to stand on their own, and successfully begins to walk. And once they already had their first step, they just cant stop walking. They are just fully overwhelmed to the fact that they can step on their own! Well nothing weird. That's one of their growth development and indication. 

Remember the smile? 

To be courageous enough to take the first step, 
Is always, 
A sign that we're growing up. 

And jogging your memory a bit; 

The baby,
Was once, 


Sitting by the window,
A calm evening. 
Meant to be here, 
And meant to be anywhere Allah decides me to.  
10 Ramadhan. 

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