Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dear self, worry not

To believe in His plan and decree sometimes can be challenging,

For we always long to know what is there ahead of us, 

Try as we may, 

Cry as we may, 

We will never know. 

Deposit all your worries to Him, 
Have faith to propel your day forward,
Real life is compelling, 

But that is yours to struggle. 

Even in highways, there are countless exits along the journey. 
Dear self, worry not if you miss one, keep on gripping your steering, fuel up, lies upon you are still exits to bring you to the same destination. 

It is just the matter of the pace, and the time you take. 

There might be discrepancy in the routes, but you're yet to reach there. Worry not.

Have faith. He knows best.  

"Sometimes I'm weak and I know it, but if I didn't give myself grace, then I'll just try understand that just how it is. If it ends up happening, it ends up happening" 

And pump

قل لن يصيبنا الا ما كتب الله لنا هو مولىنا وعلى الله فليتوكل المؤمنون 


  1. "... let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always." - Rilke