Thursday, December 18, 2014


1) if you were given chances, which decision you would like to undo? 

2) based on question no (1), elaborate the probable effects consequenced the decision made

3) and if you were headed upon another choices and options, will you remake the decision or settle yourself in another path? 

4) list the persons involved in the decision making whom you considered their views and opinions. 

5) do you ever feel worth being in the decision you chose? 

6) scale and gauge the weightage of importance

7) do you approve the idea of the despicable and reprehensible tricks some people used in their decision-making process? 

8) what is 'second chance'? and do you agree with that? 

9) have you ever thought of not deciding and just follow the stream of the flow? 

10) explain the concept of "you're given choices and you're not given options" 

And deciding not to answer, is also a decision 
Good luck

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