Tuesday, October 27, 2015


my finger just got hit by a ball just now during netball practice. such a sacred sacrifice, the finger has nothing to do with my own mistake of leaving myself unfit and losing balance T.T

well. i have this thing having brisk walk in my mind occasionally when it feels like to. i'm full aware that to write this down is quite a revealing story. and maybe your perception to me will be shifted a bit; which i don't really care (actually). 

okay. three days ago i attended an annual meeting of ikram in shah alam. it was all God's plan that i bumped into a person whom i haven't talked to since this one better-to-be-forgotten day that i decided to disconnect with him (i hope you won't read this...). i couldn't hide but to feel extremely shocked, buried my face in husna's tudung, whispering her who was there and making sure that he won't notice me in that crowded, congested hallway---

(which later that night he sent me FB message, making sure that it was me whom he saw........)

theres something in me that is so..unsettling. what we had in those past days were nothing but an unnecessary friendship. okay i even memorise my essay to him yada yada. but what baffled me so much was i couldn't recall what were actually my logical yardstick of calling it an unnecessary, better to get raid away, one. little did i realise that i deliberately didnt even clarify myself crystally clear enough to the point that when it came again into my mind, after 4 years since the event, i wouldn't have any confound, puzzled feeling like what bothered me right now. God! 

it is not that i regret over something that couldn't be undone anyway. what is regrettable is that the reasons that i listed, i am not that person anymore. i shouldn't be too pretentious in projecting a self image that i want people to understand. however it is, i knew it myself, what kind of person i am. during that moment, during this moment.

the cardinal law that should be borne in mind, we have to always be true to our ownself.


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