Saturday, August 27, 2016


I didnt post any entry in regards to 16th August, just like what I usually did for the previous years. So here it is to compensate the feeling :) 

Being 23 is just another change in number when you want to introduce your age. I'm not quite sure it is a progression or regression if I say that as I get older, the more confused I am as a person. Of course as we ventured into another phase of age and maturity, we are bound to meet with a whole lot different life conventions. Due to that perhaps it requires a more rationale and less-cluttered self. 

And I've become reserved, clueless as how to say what my mind speaks, puzzled as how to solve my heart's whisper. Ah. I guess as you aged, your emotion is compelled to be more complicated to decipher. 

Anyhow, i do have some resolutions hehe. It might sound a lil bit trivial, but I'm joyed to list them down :D

1) stay focus when you're driving. You can let your mind drifted elsewhere at your discretion, but you sure do want to spare some regrets.

2) dont sing out loud. Your voice is a disaster. You dont want to bring misery to people around you. And yourself of course on top of all people. 

3) yes you know you've become better when it comes to parallel parking. But dont parade it much very proudly because you know, as soon as you bask in pride that is the moment of your downfall. You've experienced this. And the cost of repair is exhausting not a petty amount of your money that is not that much to begin with

4) read more and moreee. Even when you are in the mood of self contemplation. Read. Try imagining how the book feels when you leave him untouched and unappreciated. Gitu kan dah ada jantina buku aku

5) if you want to feel intimidated in front of your colleague, mull it over during your personal time. Dont translate it to your face. Chin up. Be confident although God knows how you can stutter a lot and shiver as if your heart is a winter season. You can be better than you ever think

6) dont distance yourself from kitchen and cooking utensils. Even it has to be just washing dishes routine

7) be a fashion police to yourself. As a kickstart, forget about wearing unmatched colour of baju and tudung. If you ever did, penalize yourself. You dont know when you'll come across your life destiny. Ewah motivation dia hahaha

Happy birthday Nadiyah.
I still dont forget you. 
And I wont ever :) 

Till then xx 

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