Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fakta 20

Things that spreading vastly all over our social networks. Been tagged by few people, and just thinking that posting it on instagram is just too public so i chose to put it here instead :D

So here,#20factsaboutme

1. I was nurtured in all girls siblings, no guys (except my abah ofcourse) in family until i reached my 19 yrs old with an abang ipar sulung. Born in Johor, grown up for 5 years in Edinburgh UK and now reside in JB. Will be a kelantanese soon bila my dad already pencen. Lama lagi kot lol

2. 3 older sisters and 3 younger sisters thus resolving me to be a semi kakak by 6 years gap and semi adik by 3 years gap

3. Hence, i am quite reckless towards man/guys/lelaki. I just dont know how to handle them, so i have my own way for it (which i think proven to be a fatal since many had been hurt because of my recklessness lol) 

4. 21 and currently still believing that having a guy as a close friend is unnecessary, so as having him as a special friend is your first door to a disastrous life. 

5. Loving debate but already stopped doing it, i rather love to be a trainer 

6. I lost that transition point of my dad commuting Malaysia-Overseas. And currently abah is in Papua New Guinea. Frequent penumpang lebuhraya langit. Malaysia-USA tu macam JB-Kelantan 

7. My utmost dislike is cooking, and other housechores

8. Haha but no worries, disliking doesnt mean you tak reti buat, or tak buat. Just, tak suka

9. My recent ambition is to be a lecturer. Hehe

10. You can soothe me by handing me an icecream. You can silent me (when im boiled into unreasonable anger) by buying me that. Serious talk

11. But ofcourse i have my specified brands of icecream huahua. Haagen Daaz is heavenly heaven with its caramel and pecan. Coldstone icecream which i had at Namsan Seoul Tower is marvelling with its chocolate mint and vanilla. Baskin Robbin however is defeated by it. Anyway icecream jual tepi jalan kat syarie' jamiah still sedap lah serious. And icecream beli dalam tube kat mall pun sedap je aku takdelah being that demanding haha okay dah. 

12. And, what calms me down when i'm distressed out of anything is icecream #icecreamunderstands (kahkah cakap pasal icecream pun dah 3 points nampak sgt takde idea) 

13. I'm quite oblivous towards hints and mixed signals. So to be straight forward without steering elsewhere is better. 

14. You cant photograph me without me noticing 

15. Failure after a drenched out struggling is worth, though it is hard when it comes to acceptance and redha

16. Known as a bookworm girl. Well, i doubt that actually. 

17. However, just to list my recent favourites. Khaled Hosseini, Mitch Albom are authors whom no one can ever deny. Apart from that, i'm engaging well in psychological type of books, life and love philosophies, conflicts and world crisis

18. Unfortunately i cant blend in into political matters and issues. 

19. During past few months, i realize my weakness is to comprehend music notes. Hehe at least i found something which can buzz me (and others) that everyone has their own limits. So why bother envying over others' capabilities and discontent for what we have? 

20. Finally, i am quite unbearable. Annoying to some extent. My friends describe me as 'bila annoying takde siapa boleh kalahkan dan bila serious takde sapa boleh lawan' 

Done! And for sure there're some facts i prefer to keep it bottled and concealed. These 20 are mere (and trivial kot aku rasa) facts revolving me and my life. 

Till then (: 

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