Saturday, September 20, 2014

Never an option

Sometimes you will be troubled by the feeling of to be stronger is not even an option. You have to be strong because your spherical of friends and acquaintances need you. They need your support, they yearn for your soothing words to calm their mess and turbulance.  Your shoulder is essential for them to keep heading forward. Your eyes that can read theirs, they need it. 

They just need, they just need it, they just need their friend. You are one of their reliable friends. 

Preparing myself to revive this lesu nadiyah right now. Gaining much more strength to be the one as mentioned above. 

Because to see their smile, 
Is always a pleasure that i long to keep, 

20 Sept 2014
Along my journey to the airport. 

Hello, final year. 

Oh. I havent published yet my 3rd year wrap. Will store it here, sooner insyaallah

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