Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dont mind me


I had an interesting event happened to me today. Shushh me, dont mind me. I'm just wandering around, poking the edge of certain selective memories in your mind. In case i've already been forgotten, i'm just taking a brisk walk to say hai at the front porch door. Making you go "ahh who's there? why that girl seems familiar?" And then when the memory regained, the awful reminisce of me being in the picture will hit your mind and the old villainous deed once you've committed will persistently haunt your life. Well, in case you've already crossed that out from the dreadfulness you have to make up to. 

Until you kneel to redeem, 
I will occassionally wandering there,
Just to still remind you,
I am still alive. 

You hate this recollection?
Hate yourself first. 

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