Thursday, June 11, 2015

the 4 years.


I have officially graduated from Yarmouk University, Jordan. Alhamdulillah. 

During my last dot on my final paper that other day, I had an unexplainably mixed feeling of accepting the fact that, that was indeed my final sit in my class. I took a deep breath, collecting every strength I could possibly gather to face this. The uncapped pen on my palm, I put it down. Taking a slight glimpse on my answers, I moved forward, handing in my papers and then walking down the stairs of the memorable Kuliyah Syariah. I gestured Orked from afar, and making my disbelief face and then, I got a 'sweet' slap from her. So people, I'm back to reality! Haha.

I'm a bit being taken aback.
How these years have enveloped my moments of  struggles, self quest, tears, fears and gaining hope. To rifle my mind towards those memorable days, the bullets aren't sufficient enough. 

For bestowing me sufficient strength to keep on struggling, Alhamdulillah 
For granting me enough capacity to study and learning, Alhamdulillah
For giving me that unpredictable drive to settle all the trivialities into an oblivion, Alhamdulillah
For allowing me to retain my pace when the world shaking me up, Alhamdulillah
For refraining me from getting drowned in tailspins and clenching myself a grip, Alhamdulillah
For letting me to cherish this success, carving smiles of my beloveds, Alhamdulillah. 

May He guide me toward being a contributing woman, never to be such an unnecessary residues. 

To the ground; that always planting, sticking my feet onto it
To the sky; that unceasingly persistent keeping my head held up high
To the tress and wind; never failed me to flutter me with its lovely scent and breeze of hope, love and perseverance. 

Stay with me. 
The end of a something is the beginning to embark a new one. 
Buckle up, many more to come.

Nadiyah Syahira Nordin
First Class Honour,
Bachelor of Islamic Banking and Economics, 
Yarmouk University, Jordan
Class of 2015


  1. Assalamualaikum saya dapat tawaran dip. In islamic banking and finance di kpm.
    1.boleh ke saya sambung belajar seperti awak dalam bachelor of islamic banking and economics?maaf bertanya.saya tak tahu.
    2.macam mana awak boleh belajar di jordan.sebelum ni ambil course apa?dan belajar di mana?

  2. Waalaikumsalam. Firstly tahniah dapat tawaran tu :)
    1. laluan diploma dan bachelor (atau degree) tak sama, tapi kalau awak nak buat diploma pun boleh, bergantung kepada a) ofcourse peluang yang ada b)career untuk lepas ni. kalau memang berminat untuk kerja industri seperti di bank/institusi kewangan, diploma juga diterima. tapi kalau nak sambung masters atau masuk line akademik, better pilih untuk buat degree. ikut pengalaman tengok beberapa kawan2, biasanya yang ambil diploma diorg akan pilih lepas tu ambil sijil2 professional, which certainly going to credit you more

    2) pergi jordan ya. lepas dapat result SPM 2010, apply JPA untuk buat degree dalam islamic banking and economics ke Jordan. so sy memang takde amek course apa2 sebelum tu sebab memang baru jeee lepas spm :D

    anyway good luck (y)